Thursday, August 1, 2013


"Today I can be a woman who cages her temper. Even though it feels good to slam doors, I'll wrangle that anger in and act gently instead. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I'll refrain from yelling or saying intentionally hurtful words. This isn't exactly easy to do, especially when circumstances are out of control and people are too. But Jesus is More Than Enough to give me the strength and grace. Yes, with His help, I can be a woman who is wise and caring, speaking truth in love and with grace. "

Credit for this is given to a post from Proverbs 31 ministries...they credit
 he is more than enough

I cannot express how important it is to each person reading this how infinitely important Gods perfect timing is.  Through everything I have been through recently, and all that I have become, it is only in those moments that I am weak that I appreciate Gods perfect timing. 

 Today my personal weakness was seriously challenged. It makes sense that I would be challenged when I am most vulnerable. It makes sense to me that my reaction surprised even myself. Through Gods Grace and Mercy I was able to be the woman above. I came really close to blowing it.  I managed to cage my temper. I wrestled and wrestled my anger, pulled from deep inside myself to what I can only describe as my soul, and held fast to what I know- strength drawn from Christ.  The Holy Spirit took my heart and guided my tongue.  I'm not sure I came off as graceful or strong. But I know I was NOT unglued, unharnessed or unleashed. Through my tears I saw myself as beautiful and strong. My friend reigned me in and prayed hard with me, increasing my tears and bringing me a calm and peace. 

I have experienced Gods perfect timing before, and the movement of the Holy Spirit and the attacks of all of those forces that want me to be my old unglued self.  Today I realized I am not her anymore, and that is for certain, There isn't any little fragment of her left. I left her behind in a moment of pure peace that I haven't felt in a very long time. 

I really can do all things through Christ, He really does strengthen me, and the more life throws at me the stronger I feel when I come out on the other side. And with Him, I always come out on the other side. Gods perfect timing is very real. And now that I am learning patience, I will see where it leads me.

Praying for Resolution and Peace in a place of disarray and discomfort.

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