Friday, August 23, 2013

This has been too much

The grief that overwhelms me is just to much.
The anxiety that overwhelms me is just too much.
The fierceness of the love I feel for my children is just too much.

Yet through grief, anxiety, fierce love, I have an opportunity to grow.

Growing hurts this girl.

My last few weeks have been rough to say the least.
Planning weddings, grieving a loss, working like a dog and watching my family hold on during a crisis has made it a very full time.

It's hard enough when it's just my personal struggle I have to deal with. But watching my children struggle is tougher than anything. And hearing a co- worker compare her thoughts about her children to that of the way a child forgets his kitten when it grows up is heartbreaking.  My children mean the world to me. Aside from my God and my husband, they are everything. So the struggle continues. My heart continues to break, not for myself this time, but for my co-worker who doesn't see the light.

I do not compare myself to Job- only thank God everyday
For the time I have with those I love , and for the ability To love them in the best way I know how.

I'm a child, wife, mother.
And I am very grateful.

Praying for broken hearts and sour souls.

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