Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wedded Bliss....

Today marks our 21 wedding anniversary.
21 years.

In 21 years we have:
Lived in two states,
owned 12 cars,
had 7 dogs,
lived in 6 homes,
had 4 children
had one granddaughter,
belonged to one church,
lost several grandparents, 
lost a grandchild before he was born,
lost a house,
mismanaged our finances, 
learned to manage our finances,  
put me through college, and the list goes on and on and on.

Through all of the relationship issues, family issues, growing, stretching, disappointing and excitement, one thing has been crystal clear to me:

John and I have a wonderful marriage. We depend on each other. We love each other at our best and at our worst. We hold each other up when we fall. We respect, honor and cherish each other. We work hard at our marriage, because it is the most important earthly relationship we have the responsibility to. 

This week , my oldest son is getting married. He is making a forever promise to a beautiful young lady that is a terrific mother to my granddaughter, and a great daughter-in-law whom I love very much. I know that on Monday after the wedding, everyone will go back to work just like every other week. However- we will have gained a daughter. And I pray that our marriage, all of its ups and downs, and all of our love for one another can be a good example to these kids. I hope they are as blessed as we have been, and I hope they can look back in 21 years and laugh at my post, and appreciate it for its meaning.

Praying for weddings, marriages and my own personal sanity, :)

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