Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Fav Things...

Ha, so NO I didnt take this one...but a girl can dream, RIGHT?
I did take this one- of my precious ladybugs I raised

I think my flamingo needs re painted....

This lavendar is monstrous- and its not done yet!

i have no clue what this is- I forget what I planted...surprise!

What a nice HOSTA

Poor Japanese maple mini! Been through a long tough winter....


This crazy bush is pretty- but grows funny!

I think this is a COREOPSIS

I do not know what this is- but it s cute by the toad house...

Zebra grass at its start...

Some kind of daisy

More Coreopsis

Very random rosebush.....

I love my garden, the changing seasons of each plant, the pretty colors and the smell of the earth beneath it all.
It is beautiful.


  1. What a gorgeous garden you have. Your lavender is going crazy! Thanks for following. Don't know how I've missed your blog, because I see that some of my favorite bloggers are already following you. Martha, Kat, Gena, Stacy, Ali... I'm going to jump in there too! Cute button, I grabbed it!