Wednesday, June 3, 2009


WOW! There are jets flying overhead doing manuvers from the Air National Guard Base. Its amazing to watch them, and its patriotic too! I always feel so proud when I see them- a big reminder of the freedoms and sacrifices made everyday for me!

So this week, in keeping with the theme, I am planning to make a refridgerator list of things my kids want to do this summer, along with some ideas I have for them. I work from home, and its going to be the first summer doing so,, I need to have a gameplan. I already hear "IM BORED" a million times after school. Im taking pics of bikes, squirt guns, water balloons, our home made water slide- I will post pics of it the next time it is out- and I am taking pics of everything else they can go do in a week without leaving this house. When I hear IM BORED, im referring the little bundles of joy to the fridge- where they can get a snack, and an activity....all in one swoop!

Im not sure how well this is going to work, but im doing it as a surprise, so it has some sense of novelty to it. Im also putting "pudding paint" on the list. Sounds crazy, cause I have no kids under 10, but you'd be surprised at how much fun painting on the picnic table can be- with pudding! If you use plastic sheeting for tablecloth- all you have to do is spray it- and the kids - with a hose- its sooo easy. and edible. and kinda messy but thats what kids are for,right?

When I have let this idea run its course, I will be adding a new one- Im just hoping I have time in between to think of a new strategy! With the camp and work schedules in our house, we should be pretty busy but only at 1/2 capacity most days.....

Im excited to add to my kids recipe collection as well....

This year my son is into making ice cubes from his favorite drinks, so his drink isnt watered down- (he offered to do this with my apple wine).....He makes ice cubes from tea, kool aid, lemonaid...etc..... It was really funny the day he mixed them up and put the wrong ones in the wrong drink. He was sooo mad he dumped them all and started over before I could stop him. ( they were ruined)

I even have seen him experiment and put fruit into the ice cubes- They turn out really pretty and they taste good, and he is getting some kitchen experience.

Im all outta time, so have a good WFMW everyone!!


  1. I love your painting with pudding idea ~ how fun! My boys would go crazy for that!! :)

  2. Great ideas with the pudding paint and juice cubes! :D