Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the woman at the well

I am the woman at the well. Its true. I am her. I know what you are thinking.

1-you have only been married once
2-you are still married to the first
3-your well is electric
4-how can you even compare your life with hers

Here are all the answers:
1- I have been married only once, to a fabulous man ( not perfect, but perfect for me). He takes care of me, our children and our family. He meets all of my needs, and sometimes can read my mind. he keeps me grounded and safe.

2-We have been married for almost 21 years, with no issues of infidelity or otherwise. We have an honesty policy, even if the truth hurts. We are in everything together or not at all, with God leading us all the way.

3-Its a good thing I don't have to carry water any further than the barn- I am a huge wimp and carrying heavy things long distances wears on me.

4-I cannot compare my physical life with hers- no comparison.
She had been married and remarried.
She was living in sin with a man who wasn't her husband.
She was not welcome at the well with the other women who were more "appropriate" than her.
There it is.
She didn't feel welcome.
Jesus took her to his heart anyway.
Found one.
She did not understand what living water meant when He said it to her.
There it is again.
She was not "pure" or "clean"
There it is again-imperfection.
She was not included in the daily lives of the other women, because she was different.
I spend a lot of time alone, feeling rejected.
She was not looking for Him, because she didn't know yet how he could change her heart.
Seriously significant- eye opening realization of who Christ is.
She had to learn about redemption the hard way.
DING DING...we have a winner.
I have learned everything the hard way.
Thank God He provides a soft landing.

The woman at the well is a fascinating story to me every time I read it. She is such an amazing example of how we receive gifts we weren't looking for, when we think we are undeserving. It is also the greatest example of how not to be as a woman. Regardless of my differences with others, nothing I do should ever lead another woman to feel like she is less than I am. Christ see's us all the same, and so should I.

Am I not the woman at the well?
That Jesus himself would save me, because He sees me as I am, not as I used to be?
Am I not the woman at the well?
Given the chance at eternity, no matter what the cost to Him?

 Knowing my downfalls, my shortcomings, my everything?
Yet still He died for me, for her.
Because we are redeemed, I have nothing to fear.

*journal entry 7-7-13

Pray for yourself today- then pray for me.

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