Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What If's

I heard a thunderstorm rolling in today as I left was quite scary. I always start thinking these irrational thoughts, like:

*what if lightening strikes the perimeter fence right as I touch the gate?
*what if the lion escapes and tries to eat me?
*what if the I drop my keys in the polar bear moat?

Haha. I am so full of "What If's"

Here are a few I think about everyday when I drive for an hour and a half home:

What if I could call Jesus and ask Him to make an appearance in front of the "atheist club" at work?(hehe)

I'd have some fun with this one, just watching the reaction.

What if every person I know (including me) had to wear a scrolling sign of our thoughts when someone approaches us?

I would change my thought process real fast- I am getting better, but I am far from where I want to be with my thoughts. (sarcasm tends to rule)

What if my preacher spoke from a recliner in the center of the church in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with all the chairs circled around his, instead of the traditional pulpit sermon?

 I would love this, but there would for sure be chaos- of the "where's my seat" kind....

What if I won a million dollars in the lottery?

I'd have to call Dave Ramsey cause I have no clue what to do with my weekly paycheck- this would be too much...:)

What if each person gave a dollar for each day of the week to a family or neighbor that is suffering financially?

I know when we suffered it would have meant a lot to us for anyone to think of us in that way.

What if I paid for the guys coffee behind me at McDonalds tomorrow morning?

This one is easy- I've done it before- its been a coffee war ever since.

What if when you pray for forgiveness or repentance people wiped the slate clean of all our misgivings and sin, instead of replaying them and punishing each other repeatedly? (just like Jesus)

Wait just a minute- I am pretty sure this is how it is meant to be. Not that every thing we do  is going to be forgotten or forgiven- not everyone knows Jesus. Not everyone believes in the power of forgiveness. I do not expect non-christian people to ever understand this concept- but I do expect christian people to completely understand it- and to at least try to acknowledge it. We all have been hurt by people we least expected to hurt us. It happens- we are human, made in Gods likeness- not a photocopy!
 I need the grace given by others who understand that I am going to sin, and Jesus is going to forgive me, just as they should. I need the forgiveness of other christian men and women, so that I stay grounded in my faith, and can continue to improve in my own personal life. When a christian brother or sister hangs on to my past and never offers credit for the improvements I have made, it is very hurtful. I know the changes that have been made in my life due to my faith, and I have shared it with very few people. I guess its time to be a reflection of the work God has done in me. 

I have never been one to hide behind much, my life is not top secret. If someone really wants to know something, they could just ask  me. As you can tell, I am more than willing to share this adventure with anyone interested.

Today lets Pray for our children and their children.


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