Monday, July 13, 2015

Be Where You Are

When sitting in various places where we all wait, I spend a lot of time just taking in all my surroundings. I look at weird things- the way a room is decorated, paint colors, furniture and most of all, I observe people and how they spend their time waiting with and for one another. 

I am a multi-tasker, but I am much more efficient if I have a list where I can check off the things I need to do, as well as the things I want to accomplish. Sometimes I even have a list for my lists- sounds silly I know. My hubs commented once that I could get several things done in the time it takes me to make a list sometimes. Well, that may be true, but at least I am trying to be productive.  And there is a certain sense of accomplishment when you can look at something that has been checked off and say "I did it" Dora style. 

Sometimes I even dance. Its a thing.

When I make a list of things to do, I try to focus on the moment, where I am, what is happening that day and how I can get something done efficiently yet correctly.  I like to keep myself "all in". When I have people coming over, I like to have the "prep work" all done, unless the purpose of their visit is to share in that kind of thing. 

This leads me to the point of "Being where you are". I have this written on the wall next to my bed, where I see it when I wake up and when I go to bed. It reminds me to disconnect and focus on who I am with and what I am doing at the moment. (Side Note- Kinda important to be where you are when in bed with your husband on any level)  I think for a lot of us, we can be easily distracted by all the world has to offer. There are very few moments of quiet in our lives, and when we get them we need to focus on them. 

One place where I see people not "being where you are"- at church. I cannot tell you how frustrated I am when I hear a cell phone ring, see someone texting or going out to answer a call. There are exceptions, of course- the EMTs who attend our services have radios- doesn't bother me a bit. The pagers for the nursery- although I do not entirely understand this technology, I do understand the momma's need for security. The ones who do not put their babies in the nursery- distraction!  Be In CHURCH. Seriously. People spent a lot of time making this 2 hours count for you, and your presence is important to them, to God and should be important for yourself. So get off your phone.  Put your kid in the nursery. Be a little selfish and take a moment for yourself while you have the chance. This time is important for me too, and I don't need any other distractions other than the ones in my brain. Really. Think about those around you that may need the time- it could be the only time they get.

Let me set the record straight.

I had 4 kids grow up in this church. 4. They started out in the nursery from birth, and continuously graduated up the grades and classrooms until they got into high school. I was separated from them every Sunday for 2 glorious hours.  2. Glorious. Hours. 
I was a stay at home momma. I needed Sunday morning for more than just worship- I needed it to regroup. I needed it to spend time with my Saviour and my friend. I still feel the same way. I got to hold my husbands hand during our singing time. Without another little person hanging on either of us. Sometimes they cried. Sometimes I cried. Mostly I celebrated the fact that I had a moment with Jesus without worrying about my kiddos. 

 My kids are old enough now to know better about walking out of church for going to the bathroom, getting a drink or otherwise. If I ever see them texting I will forcibly take their phone.  If they are getting up to walk out, they had better be sick.  

Be Where You Are.
Date Night.
Hospital Visits.

Have the courage to listen, watch, learn about everything in the moment you are in, at the present time and place. Be all there. Learn the words to the songs during worship, understand their meaning. Take notes during the sermon- read those extra verses which are spoken not written.   Pray harder. Laugh louder.  Say thank you to someone who planned  the worship hour. Appreciate that we have the opportunity to go to church, baseball games, dinner dates and movies.  Pull up a lawn chair and have a conversation with your family and friends. Buy an extra large popcorn. Put another log on the fire. Pour another cup of coffee.  Shut off your ringer, turn down those notifications, utilize airplane mode.  Give yourself and those you love a break. 

Be Where You Are.

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