Saturday, July 18, 2015

A September to Remember

I am so excited.

You all are familiar with Jen Hatmaker, right? I have been participating in an awesome and very unique experiment in book launching. I applied and was chosen as one of the #500 to read and review, share and endorse her new book coming out August 18 called, For The Love.  You can purchase her book HERE

As part of this amazing experience - and it has been amazing- I am going to Jen Hatmakers amazing farmhouse for a weekend of book-launch party fun. There will be food. And friends from all over the world.  And music. And book talk. And other writers.

I am so excited. 

And I have to buy a plane ticket. And get a hotel room. And a rental car. And I might want to eat.  And maybe buy a Texas t-shirt?!

This entire experience has been so amazing. It has really made a huge difference in my writing, in my day to day prayer life, in my life in general. I have made friends with women and men that I never would have met if it hadn't been for this amazing opportunity. 

And the book. Cannot say enough about it. It is funny, serious, striking and a cookbook all in one. There is something in it for everyone to relate to, over such a broad audience of readers! I cannot wait for you to all read it and enjoy it. 

What I need from you is something very important. I need serious prayer. I haven't traveled alone for a very long time. Over 20 years actually. Its a different world now, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious.  I also need prayer over the financial aspect of this trip. This was not in our budget, and every time I take this "off my beam" I have a strong conviction to go. Not my selfishness. Not my decision- a real, actual conviction. I am trying not to worry because I know God is provisional. I am Angie, the great worrier. I will not put my family in line behind this trip. Yet I have RSVP'd and I am praying and sweating at the same time. It all sounds so silly. Yet this is a very real, very amazing opportunity for me.  I have reasons beyond it being "cool" to go.  I just cannot work anymore hours. I just do not have anything laying around to sell. I do not have time for a fundraiser. So I pray. (sometimes for a money tree) And I am asking that you pray with me for everything to fall into place so that I can be a blessing as part of this family of writers and friends. 

Thank you all so much. You are awesome.

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