Wednesday, May 20, 2015


This morning I was awakened to noises coming from all directions. The neighbor is mowing. The birds are singing. The television downstairs was on and my cell phone was dinging with notifications.

I clearly needed a few more quiet moments, and I wasn't going to get them here. I jumped into the shower, washed my hair, and let the hot water run over me, cleansing me from yesterdays life-mess. After all, yesterday is gone, and now I have to focus on what today brings. 

I prayed hard, bringing myself to tears as I let go of the many things weighing me down. I prayed for God to take them from me, release me from their hold. I am a worrier by nature, and it has always been a problem for me. Let it go, He says. Let Me worry about it, He whispers to my heart.  How thoughtful is the God of the universe, to whisper to my heart just when I need it most?

When in doubt, add a cup of coffee to the mix of prayer and thanksgiving. I love my coffee, but I love my God more. I hold the warm cup with a sense of completion- a sense of calm washes over me. I realize that no matter what happens today, I can handle it because of the comfort that whisper in my heart brings.  When I have doubts- and I have them-I try to focus on the very thing that woke me this morning- those birds. 

If the birds of the air have no worries, no fears, then why should I? 

When life brings me lemons...well, you know. But to that you must add sweetener, and ice to make it all that much better. I know how to sweeten my current state- read His word. Speak to Him often. Sing His praise and rely on His goodness. This life is hard. It just is. And I can't control other people, their motives or their actions. I can control how I react to them, how much I pray on their behalf and how much I let them play with my emotions. 

Today I will end with this- I love my life, as hectic, crazy and frazzled as it seems to most. I am an emotional creature, and I think God has big plans for making me this way. So, I will carry on with today and everyday as if it is the best one, because someday it will be.

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