Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Its Not That Hard

Why is it when Christian people see another Christian person, or family, going through something, we just stop and stare?  

It is not that hard to say, I Love You. 
It is not that hard to smile encouragingly.
It is not that hard to take a hand and say a silent prayer.

Or is it?

I am no different than any other wife, momma, woman in my church. When I hurt, I do it for the most part silently. There are parts of my life that are off limits to public scrutiny. However, there are parts of my life that are seriously public, and seem to be open season for scrutiny.  Why is it the people I should be able to lean on the hardest, let me down the most? Why do Christian people think it is their job to judge, demoralize and condemn? 
Don't we get enough of that from ourselves? 

I am for the most part, my worst critic. However, when I just need a silent person to listen to me, a quiet prayer said on my behalf or a kind look followed by a strong hug....sometimes I am feeling left in the cold.

Jesus would be so disappointed in us as a culture. I really believe that. He never turned anyone away that was willing to follow Him, learn from Him, even get healing from Him. But, He also did not wait for them to make a decision. It was now or never. 

Sometimes that is the reality of our problems, we need help now, or never. When I am standing before you with my heart beating so wildly with grief that I cannot hear you speak, I need to know your words are in prayer. I need to know I mean something to you, and that my life is worth something. I need to be reassured that even in my failures, lifes disappointments and sickness, I have my Church to depend on. I have my brothers and sisters in Christ to lean on.

What I don't need are sidelong glances at your other Christian friend, judgmental comments or being flat out ignored. What I don't need is pity, to be undermined or to be thought of as weak. What I don't need is your silence. None of us need your silence.

What I need is for you to see my heart is broken, my finances are wavering or my spirit is being crushed. I need you to know my family member is ill, my kids are flailing in this world or my car is irreparable.

I need you to say it will be ok, because you believe it. 
I need you to pray, and not just say you are praying.
I need you to love me, my family and our circumstances, come what may, unconditionally.

I have at least one friend who is going through some real life stuff right now. 
Personal loss.
Childrens issues.

All. At. Once.

She is getting the "looks" from the very people who should be raising her up in prayer against something that can only be considered spiritual warfare.  And yet so many sit on the sidelines of her current messy moments and watch to see how it will play out. People with resources. People with hands and feet and mouths. People who think that by being like Jesus, they have something to lose.  

I am so very disturbed by this very situation, and so humbled that I have the opportunity to pray for her right now. It only takes the faith of a mustard seed to move a mountain.

Be a better Christian.

Its. Not. That. Hard.

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