Sunday, March 15, 2015

When did it get so Hard?

I am trying to figure out the exact minute everything got so hard. Seriously, hard is not something I run from , but there are days when this feels impossible.
All the yucky stuff in between that we just have to deal with because someone caused it to happen. Words are big weapons, friends. Huge. Your words can move mountains, crumble dreams. Your words can encourage or completely destroy. And once spoken, written, heard, received, you can never go back.

Writing has been a passion since I was young. Journals, love letters, notes to friends, and cards. All chosen carefully, perfectly and intentionally. The words I write today are mixed with education, emotion, grace and God's love. I hope they mean something to you. 

I love to read what others have written. I love to see what they see, learn how they learn and know new things because someone took the time to write it down.Sometimes I listen for the inside of a persons heart-easy to see when they write. When you share a part of yourself on this WWW, it means haring with everyone. All of your secrets, your dreams you rfears. All of yourself- you put it out there and the whole world can weigh in. Its not so scary untilpeople start to read what you ahve written...then you become afraid. 

Afraid of what?

I am not afraid of anything anyone can say to me, as long as I write in the truth. That realization is the moment it got so hard. I am no longer afraid. I know there are lines that cannot be crossed. Confidences that cannot be betrayed. Stories that are not mine to tell.  But I also know I have the choice to write about me, what effects me, and my life. I have the opportunity to save someone from a mistake I made, deliver someone from a situation they thought out of control, encourage someone involved an impossible scandal. 

Deliverance is big, and words can be freeing. Life is a one shot deal. We are born, we grow, we live, we die. All the stuff in between becomes our legacy, it is something we control and we can change if we want. Jesus taught us we have a choice. We can live a life of spiritual grace, or we can live a life in the shadows, hiding from His truth and our Legacy.

I am choosing to live a free life, full and overflowing with the blessings I have been given. I am choosing to share it with you. I am choosing to write what I am inclined and convicted to write. I will not apologize for the sloppy, messy life I live. I will only say, welcome to it. This is my life, my dream, my goal. This is my purpose to share with you how it changes, how it grows and how it amazes me each day.

I hope to build upon it and make it my own, fully blessing each of you if I may.

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