Saturday, March 14, 2015

This week WOW

  This week I had an especially tough calendar ahead of me...I knew I had to deal with daylight savings time, (creation of fools in my opinion- who cares which side of the day your hour of light is on-still 24 hours in it, right?), inventory at work, a six day work week, and a weather change that kicks the tail off me where my arthritis is concerned.

I spent last week preparing- doing extra housework and making a game plan for just getting through. What I didn't  know was, my life was literally going to change with one email....

Knock, knock. Who's there? YOU, because YOU are on my Launch Team for 'For the Love'!! Yeah baby!! We only had room for 10% of all applicants (what the??), and we think you got the stuff. THANK YOU for your amazing enthusiasm; I couldn't possibly love you more if I tried with all my might. You are leading well and using your influence like a boss. We all think you are amazing. We are going to get this thing off the ground together! Let me tell you, launching a book is really fun. And some of you are going to end up on the inside cover, so THAT. I said on January 1st this year that one goal was to spend less time pleasing "Not My People" ... well let's be clear: YOU ARE MY PEOPLE. I love you so. I really do. I am loyally yours forever. Let's do this thing.

My marketing team will now tell you all the fun details.

- Jen


For those of you who do not know, Jen Hatmaker is an author whom I am dearly in love with, and as an aspiring author myself, I am seriously deliriously happy over being part of this team....I have read over half the book on my kindle.....and I am STOKED!

Here is the funny part- I think when I got this email I couldn't share because I was at work among people who for the most part do not understand me -at all. This was pointed out to me today when someone said.."yeah, I saw your post on facebook, but sometimes I just do not understand what you say".  Seriously, how you can work with someone over a year and not have them understand you is beyond my comprehension. But it is ok, because that means I am misunderstood in ALL my circles and it for real keeps me hopping. ( and dying laughing on the inside)

Being part of this book launch team has allowed me to set new writing goals, I am making new commitments to my writing and I am spending more quality time researching, designing a fresh look for my blog and focusing on what I love most.  

I hope to drag you all kicking and screaming "Angie, Angie" along with me. I love what I do, and I love how I do it. I really needed this community to remind me that I am not the only one like me out there, pressing on with Jesus, loving my favorite wine, and just being who God created me to be. I hope that you will be an encouragement to me, dear sweet reader, and that I can be that to you as well. If you find it within you to share me with your friends, I will love it, and I promise to disappoint once in a while to keep it real....

For now I say sweet dreams, because tomorrow is another amazing day, and I am looking forward to the sunrise....

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