Monday, March 16, 2015

We do not vacation...

This morning I was reading a fabulous new book that is due to be released in August....and when I finished, I realized how much of it was

I really believe God has a purpose for each of us, and we have been given certain gifts we are supposed to do something with to further His kingdom. Sometimes we know early on what those are, and sometimes we find out much later in life.  Hubs and I have been blessed to be able to provide needs for our family, yet beyond that we don't do a lot of extra anything.

We do not vacation- haven't been since 2008. We do not buy things- when stuff breaks we eventually replace it, but we do not have 4 wheelers, time shares, fancy extra cars or anything extravagant.  We have gone on a missions trip, participated in Boy Scouts and local womens ministry at our church. We help people randomly when needed, and otherwise try to be content here in our farmhouse with our chickens and our life. 

Lately, that has been changing a lot...there is a tug, a pull at our hearts, and an avalanche of emotion running in this house between the two of us that I cannot even describe. I did not know it was both of us, until yesterday, then again today.

I have the best hubs in the entire world. He loves so fiercely, so fully and so bravely. He keeps me in check when I need checked, and keeps me safe when I need checked in. He gives me freedom to be me and excuses me from television family viewing time to go "write whats on your mind, Angie", when he sees me stewing. 

Some of that I have shared here with you, and some I have kept reserved for myself because you can't handle the truth. (insert Jack Nicolson voice) Considering the risks, what do I have to lose really?  Nothing.

True friends stay.
Real family sticks.
New readers welcome.

Thats about what I have.

Let the sharing begin.
And the praying. 

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