Monday, November 3, 2014

Crisis in Marraige

When planning for the inevitable crisis in life, we can do many things. We can plan for a fire with smoke detectors and insurance. We can plan for cars to be wrecked with auto insurance and liability insurance. We can plan for physical losses of the things we own by taking pictures of them and accounting for their "worth" , creting a database of them to depend on if they are lost or stolen. 

We make a lot of plans to cover our losses when we have physical possesions. What happens when the losses we suffer are not physical? What happens when there is a crisis in our marraige? 

A crisis in marraige can be brought about by financial pressure, infidelity, lack of communication and misunderstanding among other things. By taking the time to notice when things start to change, we can prevent the changes from becoming a crisis. 

For example, when unexpected spending comes up for a new well pump, or car repair, the best way to handle it is together, and to pray and to realize God really does provide all we need. The last thing your marriage needs is for someone to "take the blame" for something that is not within their control. Accepting blame or placing it causes additional friction to an already tense situation. 

When a situation arises with your children and you and your spouse do not see eye to eye it is important to communicate those issues, feelings and where you stand and why. Neither of you are mind readers, and sharig your thoughts is a big way to avoid a common crisis that could be prevented.  Talk it out, or better yet, talk then pray. Being careful to listen, as that is the biggest part of effective communication. 

Being a loyal friend to your spouse is another way to avoid crisis- for me, I always know my husband has my back. Even if I am wrong and I am struggling with something on the outside of our marraige, he is supportive to help me find a solution. He is strong when I am weak, and our friendship is tough enough to handle a crisis of great proportion.  We trust one another to keep our marraige sacred and safe from outside influences. We spend time getting to know one another even after 22+ years. We have on the full armor of God via marraige and it is a wonderful place to be.  Getting there hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. We have been able to handle every crisis pitched our way together, through prayer and love, trust and understanding.

Crisis in marraige can be handled, resolved and rebuked at times, when the strength you draw is from God then your spouse. Being strong in marraige takes two, and it takes time. Handling crisis situations are not little events, but they can have minimal impact.

Praying for marital crisis today....

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