Sunday, December 21, 2014

the Real Gifts of Christmas

If you are like me, then you spend countless hours making sure everyone you are getting a gift for gets what is suited for them....For some people giving a gift is a obligation, not a joyful moment of giving. For me, it is a painstaking task, wanting to give not only something perfect for that person, but something that makes them feel like I spent time really thinking about it and caring about them.

This Christmas, like every Christmas, we spent our budget right down to the wire- everything is wrapped and under the tree for the most part, and yet I am not satisfied with a few things. 

I had a day when I felt rushed to make decisions
I had another day where I ran out of time and felt obligated for purchasing something just for the sake of having it crossed off my list.

I don't like gifting this way.

I want my children to have something that tells them "momma cares about you and knows your heart". I want my friend to know that I support her decision not to drink soda, so I purchased her a tea while we were shopping. I want my husband to know that I am completely ecstatic that we are not exchanging gifts, instead purchasing a new bed. ( yay!)
I want my parents to know I appreciate them and their lives and what they mean to us. I even want my in-laws to know that for what its worth, I don't like brushing off their gifts because I ran out of time. I want them to like and appreciate what we have to share, even if they don't understand it.

I don't want to see that obligatory thank you look on anyones face, because in the rush of this season, I settled for something less than perfect for someone I love.

This year, I recieved the most amazing and thoughtful gift from the most unexpected place. My sister in law had major brain surgery the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I know her recovery is a long process, and yet I had the best gift because she drew my name. She handmade me a bag, full of handmade goodies. And a quilt. I have many people in my life who quilt, yet I have never recieved one as a gift. Every single thing made was perfect for me, and if I get nothing else for Christmas its ok because this is enough. :) Of course, being the emotional basket case that I am, I cried at this gift. I felt exactly how I want others to feel when they open something from me.

The same way I feel every morning when I open a new day, a gift God has given me for 40+ years. 

In the coming days as Christmas celebrations ensue, and gift giving commences, keep this thought in your heart- Jesus is the perfect gift- everything else is just stuff. So lets use the giving of stuff to reflect the love of Christ this holiday season like my sister in law did for me.

Thank You Amanda, for your generosity and kindness. You are amazing.

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