Thursday, October 23, 2014

Matthew 25:18-31

Matthew 25:18-31
My favorite passage that applies to a lot of things in my life.

When you sign up to go on a mission’s trip, there is a list of Reasons to go Provided  in the packet:
  • Enhance personal spiritual growth
  • Cultivate a servant’s heart as you minister physically and spiritually to needy people
  • Bonding with team members & the locals
  • Exercise faith and increase your faith
  • Give “hands on” help to the mission
  • Be a witness of Christ’s love
  • Increase mission awareness and involvement
  • Experience a “foreign” culture
  • Worship God with the locals
  • Encourage others
  • Builds and strengthens home church
  • Open oneself to possible full-time Christian service
  • Obey the Great Commission

These are all good reasons to go on a short term mission’s trip. However, for me it was a very small yet distinct tug in my heart that said “Just GO’

Listening to the whispers of God as you go about your everyday is not an easy task. He has given us so much, yet he asks so little. When John and I were in Arizona the entire experience was amazing. God kept whispering and we kept going.
 **When His servants are  flexible, God is provisional.

** when our materials were not ready for pick up for  a planned project- we met another need, and we kept going.
**We had rain on the day we were going out for the Least of These Ministry- so we stopped and purchased ponchos for the homeless we would meet that day, and we kept going.
**Our lodging changed the week before our trip, so we had some uncertainty. Turns out God had a great plan for us, so we kept going.

Comfort zones are tough to step out of, yet you are never stepping out alone. On this trip there were 24 of us, and each of our skills and experiences were used in a way that only God could use them, put together like a puzzle, and used to reach out and touch the lives of everyone around us, those we were serving and those serving alongside.   

I guess after giving it some thought and a tremendous amount of prayer, I would like to challenge and encourage each of you to listen to your still small voice. Listen when you have that tug in your heart to GO.
John and I are heading out with a team to Arizona to the Red Sands Church and School on June 13 , 2015.  We have room for 28 more people to go with us. I would extend a personal invitation to join us for this trip. Aside from joining us , there are other things we need.
We need financial donations to help defray the costs of the trip for some.
We need physical donations for programs like Least of These and VBS.
Most of all we need continuous prayer for our preparation and our travelers for safety and discernment in all of the things we hope to accomplish this year at Red Sands.

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