Monday, October 13, 2014

Prince Charming

For the past year our family has gathered in the living room to tune in to the show "Once Upon A TIme". It has been a quiet hour of non stop fairy tale action- yet there is somthing missing.
There is no bad language. The violence is no more than you can imagine from a fairy tale. There is magic and an almost endless supply of characters.

 My favorite character is Pince Charming. He is the lovely husband of Snow White, and he often is found rescuing her (or somone else) from the current villian causing them all distress. I like him because he fills a role everyone wants and expects from Prince Charming. Dashing smile. Quick to be the hero. Good sound decision making. Always looking out for his girl .  

I find that often times my friends and their friends expect this kind of behavior out of their own Prince Charmings. We like to think our husbands will rescue us in any circumstance, never to be left alone fending for ourselves. Sometimes the things we get ourselves into require our husbands rescuing us from ourselves. Although I do not like to admit it, when I need rescuing, it is generally due to some stupid thing I have done to cause myself some greif and heartache. On occassion, I actually need a real life rescue from some situation. But for the most part, I need rescued from myself.  

Another thing we expect from our husbands is for them to read our minds- to just know when we are emotionally spent or physically wrung out. Some of us are great at expressing our weaknesses- some of us expect a miracle. Prince Charmings all over the world are rescuing damsels in distress becasue they communicated what they needed, not because their handsome prince was so in tune with their every need that he just knew.

I personally love my Prince Charming. He is my everything, my soulmate. He does have a very intuitive way about him, and after 22 years of marraige and friendship, we are capable of taking care of one another on many levels.

However, sometimes when I am feeling distressed or blue, I have to tell him how I feel. I have to make sure he knows what I am thinking. It is my responsibility to communicate my weaknesses, my wants, my desires with him, so is fully aware  of my circumstance and can do whatever he feels he needs to do to put a smile on my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart. 

When thinking about your prince charming today, think about this- have you given him enough information to love you the way Prince Charming would love Snow White? If you haven't- what is holding you back from your fairy tale?

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