Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Friendship in Motion

Friendship in motion is something I refer to when a friendship I have is in a changing pattern. As we all know, not all friendships are beneficial to us , and not all friendships are a blessing forever. Sometimes, a friendship changes as the two friends grow and change, and it it is not always something that ends on a positive note.Sometimes a friendship moves forward, becomes deeper, is more of a blessing.

When you build a friendship with another person, I know it is a matter of trust, faith and personal connection. God provides us with learning experiences through our friendships, and sometimes we have to ask the tough questions when we have our doubts. As Christian women we are going to encounter several types of friendships that will be blessings, or lessons. 

Over the next few Tuesdays, I would like to write more in depth about each of these types and maybe spark a conversation about the different practices in all of our friendships. 

Some of these topics will include:
* Lifelong Friendships VS Seasonal Friendships
* Spiritual Friendships
* Mentoring Friendships
* Friendships with Non-Believers
* Friendships within the Family

If there are any others we run across we will tackle those as well.
Looking forward to discovering the best way for us to be the best friend we can be, regardless of the circumstance. 

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