Sunday, December 8, 2013

you just never know....

This morning as I sat in church, I was struck with a crazy thought:
how many important life changing things are said and people miss out because the people behind them are having a conversation? 

I wondered this as the people behind me started a conversation as soon as the sermon began, and it never stopped, even as we sang the last song. I was stunned at the conversation- having nothing to do with the sermon or church for that matter. I caught most of it- how could I not? They were less than 18 inches behind me and whispering had eluded them in the first five minutes. I considered moving to another seat, but I didn't want to embarrass my husband or cause yet another distraction for the speaker.
This was beyond candy wrapper or baby fussing noise- it was unnecessary conversation and the longer it went on, the more annoyed I became. I have very little patience when someone whips me out of worship without my consent. I thought about turning around and asking them to stop talking. I thought about saying something afterward.

 But mostly the part that bothers me is what I wasn't thinking- about what the speaker was saying. I missed writing down important scriptures. I missed a joke that was funny enough for my husband to snicker. I almost missed praying at the beginning. And I missed valuable time learning about my savior and his expectations for me as a parent, at a time when I am desperate for someone to tell me what to do with these pseudo-adults and teenagers I call my children.

If anyone has a clue how this feels, I am going to apologize right now. I do not like being distracted. I do not like it when grown adult people fall into the trap of conversing with their grown adult children about their cute grandbaby or after worship plans.

I cannot sit on this and be quiet anymore.

 I think it is rude, and I hope I have never done this to anyone, cost them their moment in worship. 

I get aggravated when people bring their kids into the service and let them babble the entire time. DOES ANYONE HEAR ME? I need grown- up- quiet- listen to the sermon time, and your kid needs to be in the nursery or classroom appropriate to his/her age. We have wonderful volunteers at our church in the education department. They work very hard to provide an exceptional experience for your children.

We also only ask for your silence for about 30 minutes, (if the sermon is that long)....I think if you want to have a conversation you can wait until its over. Or go to one of those empty rooms and chat it up.  Be my guest, really. Just please I am begging you. If you belong to a church, and you have something to say to the person next to you, wait until its over, or step into the hall.

Some of us just want to learn about Jesus, and maybe have waited all week long to hear more. We just cannot afford for you to distract us from our worship time- its too short and too important already. Our eternity could hinge on the very words the day you choose to talk.  

Plus did I say it was rude?
I thought so. 

You just never know when your actions will be distracting to someone else. 

Praying for those who miss out due to those who just don't care.

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