Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, for todays WFMW post.....I was going to say my favorite 4th of July recipe is CHIPOTLE, but I figured that is cheating. But at least Im honest....

I guess the one thing we continue to return to year after year are foil meals over the fire....they are fast, filling and we like to cook over the fire, so they are right up our alley!

Foil meals are meat and veggies cooked in a homemade foil packet lined with cabbage and a slice of onion -( to keep it from sticking) We also put italian salad dressing in ours to give them a unique flavor....but you can use creamy soup if you want...

We layer a frozen hamburger or chicken breast, on top of a leaf of cabbage, big slice of onion, then cover it in canned potatoes, carrots green beans, corn, whatever veggies you like....wrap in two layers heavy duty foil and throw in the coals of a hot fire....these can be done on the grill too, and taste just as good!

You can smell the meat cooking and thats when you check for doneness....using a meat thermometor is a good idea for the chicken, because any marinade you put in these can change the color/look of the be sure its done!

These are soo good, and mostly we open them and "trade" veggies before we eat so everyone has what they put your name on yours, before cooking, use a squeeze bottle of mustard- it cooks on and leaves your initials behind....:)

For dessert....we cook "turtle pie" again ov
er the fire....these are soo good! But they require a piece of equipment you can anywhere camping gear is sold.... It called a "pie iron" and they aremade in a variety of shapes and sizes- we use the single asquare for ours....
All you do is spray the iron with non stick cooking spray, then line it with crescent roll dough- fill with chocolate chips, pecans and caramel squares....add anothe crescent roll on top and seal....make sure tis clipped and both sides are sprayed well with the cooking spray!You cook over the fire like cooking smores- the irons get HOT HOT HOT! So, a welding clove is a useful thing to have around......

To empty, just open and dump onto a cookie sheet- LET COOL FOR A MINUTE, as the inside is HOT SUGAR and can really burn a little or big- hand or mouth....

these are scrumtious, and Im cant wait to got o the store and get my stuff to make them!

You can make these in the oven, on a cookie sheet, just make sure to pinch the corners and edges shut on the crescent rolls.......they poof up nicely!

Also for some grilling safety tips, i saw a story everyone needs to read ! You can go HERE !
These are important safety tips every family should read.....very important!

Happy 4th Everyone! May your celebrations be safe and happy!


  1. Those look delicious! Sounds like meals at your home are a party!

  2. I haven't seen a pie iron in YEARS. We had one when I was a kid and we went camping. Always looked forward to "pies" for dessert around the campfire at night!

  3. The kids and I are headed camping next week. I have been racking my brain for what to cook. Thanks for the hints. I have forgotten all of those things. Now if I just had a pie iron!