Friday, July 3, 2009


OOOH! Virtual Girls Night Out~
My favorite time of the week!

Take a few and read ANN's post- and enjoy our weekly blog hopping session of all fun all night(weekend) long!

(so insert logo here everytime you see this its a pic i took that wouldnt load....)
So today I worked my butt off! Had a yard sale this weekend- got one more morning to go....saving for the patio cover we are putting on...more about that in a future post...
(yard sale pic here)
Taught the kids why it is so important NOT to play with matches....for those of you who read me regularly- I promise Im not a PYRO! I just get bored and fire is entertaining.....
( old love seat engulfed in flames here)
I also learned why I really need to get a radio for outside that will pick up am......I left the truck key on while listening to the REDS play and the battery dies in the 7th inning.....then the reds got killed......( is that my fault? maybe!)
(stupid truck here)
Then after I tried to upload my images on here, I realized why they take forever- cause they are soo big cause someone messed wtih my camera...LOVELY!
( pic of Mackenzie messing here)
And last but not least, my "big kids" came home from their Christian Youth COnvention and were very tired...but glad to be home..we missed them much and I feel like my family is whole again, so now its time to blog hop and visit everyone.....I LOVE HIS PART!!!!
(pc of tired kiddos here)
So go enjoy yourself and dont forget to comment! Everyone wants to know you are reading their post- even if its just a hello!

And everyone order a KUSH I ordered bra's from a friend today who gets a significant discount for a lingerie company- they are for my daughter and only THE SAME CUP SIZE AS ME.!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
(seriously I wanted a pic of the two of us camparing but no one would take it for me)
Im that place where Im thinking about a boob job instead of a patio......

For drinks tonight I had my old standby- a very full glass of strawberry/kiwi wine...sweet and cold..yummmmm

Then I toasted marshmallows....for dinner....yummmy... :)

Then I came in and saw my NEW MJ SHIRT and started laughing that i spent $10 bucks on a shirt for a dead guy........YIKES...Ive lost my mind!!

I will have a special July 4th post tomorrow.....a reflection... so look for it..... wont you please?



  1. What a full week you've had! Love the pics! heehee I have a really good imagination.

    I agree with you. I like for people to at least say "HI" even if they don't like my post. You did!

  2. Happy VGNO! Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July.

    Stop by Lin's Duck and Wheel With String to vote for me in her First Official Dork-Off Contest. Vote for my photo, because my kindergarten photo is THE dorkiest.


  3. Happy 4th and Happy VGNO. Hope you are having a great weekend...bummer that the pics wouldn't load.

  4. Very belatedly stopping by from VGNO... the weekend was a killer, in a good way!

    Strawberry kiwi wine? That sounds amazing!

    Dead battery? Oh, yes, I've been there. Frequently. Usually, it's because I've plugged my netbook into the converter while waiting for hubby to get out of a meeting. I'm pretty sure he loves coming out to a rig that won't start. :)

  5. Hope you had a great 4th & made lot's at your yard sale! Stopping by late from VGNO!