Friday, June 19, 2009


Tonight we celebrate Virtual Girls Night Out- VGNO at Ann's place...
Hop on over and check it out! She' s got a cool drink that will make you chill! I know it is super hot in parts of our country, so in honor of all the heat, Im treating myself to a cold Smirnoff grape.....mmmmm GRAPE! Who knew my fav flavor as a kid could be tranformed into a beverage for me as an adult? YUMMY!! The pmegranite is fab too, for those of you who might like to try!

Tonight Im a little late joining in- my prince took me on his white horse( or f-150) to a nice dinner- steak at TGIFridays...ummmm that Jack Daniels menu is hard to pass up! And WE HAD A COUPON! buy one entree- get one free! So I splurged for the artichoke dip and it was DIVINE!!!

Thanks to the nice gentleman who gave us the coupon on his way out the door! Very cool!

For those of you who haven't already, ALi posted a very nice tribute to her mother this week- go here to see it....It will make the strongest heart cry tears of - well I just cried so...there....thats progress for me!

And- the REDS are playing right now- and winning! GO REDS!

aRGH THIS SLOW DIAL UP! No pics tonight im afraid...

Next week I need all my bloggie friends to keep in touch- I will be running solo with only one child at home- everyone else will be at camp.......for 7 entire days...

I will be missing them, but Im hoping to get the kitchen painted...:)

So now Im off to the chicken coop to shut everyone up for the night...little late, but ok....and I will be back to blog hop in a bit!!!

ps....for those of you who have never heard me say this before- Raising kids is like being pecked to death by chickens.....HA HA

Cause right now there are 4 conversations going on behind me and i have no clue what they are- Im in the blogosphere......:) :) :)

And a tornado watch...and a flood watch........going to be an interesting evening....

Happy VGNO!!!!!!

aAHHHHHH!!! I am so sorry I cannot comment much- my dial up and my explorer issues are making it very difficult- pages wont load, comments wont load...argh...I have read them alllllll!!!!
I just cant comment! Im so sorry! I need a better connection!


  1. what?? tornado watch??? EEEEEK! We just came in a little bit ago from playing cornhole. you and John should come over and play one night! happy vgno!

  2. Happy VGNO form a first time player - good luck with the storms tonight!

  3. From a first time VGNO I send you my salutations!!! :)

  4. Happy VGNO--I had not heard that about the chicken pecking thing, but I have heard (and said on occasion)--getting them out the door is like herding CATS! So true!


  5. Stay safe from the nasty weather. Hope the storms aren't to bad. What are you going to do with yourself while the kids are at camp? I would be in heaven if my boys went to camp. It would be quiet around here for sure. Maybe I can send them to Camp Grandma's for a week. Happy VGNO

  6. Stay safe with the storms...

    If you're using Internet Explorer now would be a good time to switch to Firefox...Blogger is having major issues with IE and some blogs won't load or comments won't open - they've been 'working on it' for a couple of months...but the Firefox browser works much better and doesn't have headachey security issues like IE does... Pages also load much faster - my aunt has dial up and she couldn't believe the difference... food for thought! :)

    Happy VGNO! :)

  7. Stopping by for VGNO! Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Hope you got out of the storms ok. Happy VGNO

  9. " being pecked to death by chickens?"

    Honey, I've got seven kids.

    It's more like being stampeded by buffalo every single day!

    I'm still stumbling around the VGNO party. Better to arrive late than never, no?


  10. Stopping in for a very late VGNO...hope you had a great weekend.