Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is .....

Tuesday. Today is Tuesday, right? Im having a bit of trouble concentrating on my work because I am thinking about a lot of things. Like my get-out of debt plan. Which isn't going nearly as fast as I like. And like the Jon and Kate misery. Im so disappointed in this entire situation. I mean, really. First I see people slamming them for the decisions they have made to do the show, then I see the blame starting..Jon had an affair, Kates a b*&%#.....to him. References to his 'bodyparts" being in her control, references to her being not very nice and him being a pushover.

Korea has a MISSLE aimed at HAWAII!!
IRAN is in yet another conflict that we are policing!
Kids in our nation have no food for dinner tonight!
There are JOBLESS parents going through circumstances that are OUT OF THEIR CONTROL!
I am sorry about Jon and Kate. I hate to see any marraige fail. But if they do not even want to try, then why should I be worried about it? It strikes me as so funny that those of us who will never have the opportunity to create a show about our family have the nerve to judge them at all! Not one of you can say you wouldnt have made some of the same decisions they did, when they were jobless with 6 new borns and a set of twins.....They did what they thought was the right thing to do in providing for their children.
Im not going to say Kate is perfect, and laid back(she is controlling, but she knows!) And if Jon had an affair, thats between him and God at this point. ( we will never know the truth, we arent him) I just see a lot of people getting high and mighty over something that deosnt impact them! Is anyone worried that in the entire show, not once was God mentioned? Not even the church they belong to or the faith they have/dnt have? Seems to me that in making the decisions to support their large family, and do the right thing by thier kids, they got lost- so now everyone gets to judge them and flog them for it? I think Im just irritated that yes they "put themselves out there" but even celebrities have the right to privacy. Maybe if we all butt out they will be able to focus more on their family, and each other. Maybe not. But dont they at least get the chance?

Ok so my ranting is over for now- about that.....Ive been out of the blogsphere for a few- had a lot to do. gOT THE KITCHEN PAINTED.. WAHOOO! So excited to get that done...cant tell you! I love freshly painted walls and the new clean look of it all...nice very nice.....

I miss being bale to comment- and I had a blog comment about firefox? Ill be making that switch this week- thanks to whomever mentioned it- cant believe i didnt think of it before!
I miss Ali- I need to go see her...and I need to get back to work...THanks for letting me rant!
John isnt home this week so I needed someone to yell at over this...LOL

Glad to be back!
Have a great week.
Ill have something awesome for tomorrows WFMW...I promise...:)

just so everyone knows- Im not a horrible yelling person. Im just frustrated over a lot of things and im hoping to vent on here without hurting nayones feelings or upsetting you. I treasure each opinion you all have, and even if I dont agree, I want to hear from you all!

*****addendum to previous post*****

As an additional thought- I hate Kates hair. I think its ridiculous..looks like one of the kids cut it with play doh scissors. But its her hair- if she wants to look ridiculous, then ok. Personally I think she needs to get back to basics, as a lot of women do, Im not giving fashion advice, Im just sayin- who looks like that with 8 kids? Only on television. :)


  1. I think people like drama they can relate to. Nukes and Iran are so far from home that people just tune it out...I agree it is a BIG deal. All of us that are married or have kids can relate to them a little. I just wish they would stop the show. I do not even know if I will watch the last 2 episodes I have Tivo'd.
    But come one, her hair is a little goofy isn't it?

  2. I have amended my post- the hair has to go. :)

  3. Ha! You are right! Playdough scissors--too funny!

  4. I miss you too! Awww... and I totally agree I am so sick of all the petty crap in this country (world), lets focus on what matters!! But people are shallow so that is never going to happen...off to look up the hair...;-)

  5. ooh my friend...you wont beleive the hair when you see it...yours looks great and you didnt pay a thousand to get it cut and styled....lol