Wednesday, June 24, 2009


As most of you know, Im having trouble with uploading and downloading...commenting etc.... One of you suggested I use Firefox as my web browser...I did and it really is working for me! Thanks to whomever it was that suggested it! Its a little faster than IE and I can comment , email, post pics etc...without getting my entire desktop shut down ! Thank Thank Thank you!

I wanted to share a fun activity we do around here when its hot- like today...
we "slip and tarp" We bought a huge tarp- for around $30, and stake it down in the yard...then we spray it with water and go to work! Its much more effective than the traditional toy, lasts much longer and is larger for bigger my husband....:)

We like to play on it together, and the dogs even jump through a couple times...they dont like the slippping part, but they like the water.

When the kids were little, we'd put bubble bath on it from the dollar store- then they'd be clean when they came in the house- I know cheating....but it worked!

We love our big ole tarp...and I hope you will all try it...its so fun....and a little more cost effective because of its durability.

As soon as I get ours out i will post pics on my site....Mackenzie is ready for it today!!!