Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Love

There are few things in this world that are pure....and finding them is such a blessing! Let me introduce all of you to my very close friends- Doug and Amy. Doug and amy are two very special people to my family- Our history goes way back- Her parents and my parents were very close friends. I spent a lot of time as a teen babysiting her, and she returned the favor when I had children of my own....

A couple years ago, I got a very surprising call from Amy. Through much prayer and consideration, and struggle, they decided to sell everything they had and move to Haiti...to run and host the missionary teams that come in to work for the mission they were associated with. I have to admit, though I was tearful at the prospect of my friends moving sooooo far away, I was so happy for them, I decided to be supportive and love them no matter where in the world they ended up.

Well, here we are, they have lived in Haiti for a year, and oh what the Good Lord has done! Not only have they been blessed with an unexpected pregnancy, but they also started adoption proceedings for a child in Haiti!

I am so proud of these two my heart could just burst! We love them so much and though it is hard to be so far away....I couldnt be happier for them!
We are praying everyday for them, and we are so excited for their expanding family....baby is due in August, and their adoption proceedings are slow for Dor...but through prayer and persistance, faith and hope. and tons of patience, here we are. I hope you enjoy the photos, and here is their blog with monthly updates on the progress... of their lives and their mission.......


  1. Wow!! You never know what God has in store for you do you? Thank you SO much for the prayers!! I have updated....once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  2. I will keep them in my prayers.