Wednesday, May 27, 2009


SO MY WFMW post has been interrupted by a memory card failure of giant reader quit reading and as my sad life goes, I will be postin no photos until I am patient enough to figure it

Let me explain....I am in the midst of a technology meltdown and I am not sure how to stop the proverbial snowball- if you will.. The truth is, instead of "Works for me Wednesday" Im feeling more like- "Where the Heck is Friday?" lol

On Monday I dropped my very fancy cell phone into the DISHWATER because I was trying to be everything to everyone all at once- I was getting scouts and hubby ready for the Mem Day parade, doing dishes answering phone calls and eatin gbreakfast- YES all at the same time.....

When my phone PLOPPED into the sink I quickly grabbed it an GENTLY tossed it onto the table. What happened next shocked myself and my teen son- who actually had his mouth drooping open...

my PHONE- my BABY..( overkill?? nah)

It EXPLODED into several pieces!! I was sure it was a million but it was only several and I cant fix it. try as I might, its just not gonna happen.

So I have been call phone less for several days, and I think my oxygen has been suffering. I know my sweet sweet pink phone needs to be retired, but who can do it? I am absolutly SICK about it. Paying to replace it, dealing with not hearin git play Taylor Swift everytime someone calls...and my DATA is GONE.. My memory card BROKE IN TWO and my sim card hasnt got much on it- I relied on the memory card - argh.

So what is Working for me?

the lessons I have learned.

1- always have a back up phone

2- use a sim card too

3- dont answer when doing dishes without the headset on.

4- stop trying to be WONDER WOMAN

( even if thats your true identity)



Will someone please tell Ali to call me? Im in withdrawal.....LOL

Have a great one everybody! See most of you at VGNO!!!!

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