Friday, March 13, 2009

FRIDAY THE 13....oooohOOOooooH

So my children are all worked up about FRIDAY THE 13!! Its very funny, because neither my husband nor I are superstitious in any way......but somehow I got the "black cat" warning before rushing them off to school, and when I came home, I got a little tickled. We HAVE a black cat, and she is constantly under my feet. So worry about her? not at all. But the thought did cross my mind that there are a lot of other superstitions out there that I will be warned about before the day is over, Im sure. Knowing that we can have fun with a day like today is rewarding- I can play harmless tricks on the kids- and the unaware hubby- and totally get away with it. I have even considered this as a dry run for April FOols Day. Short sheeting beds and putting vaseline on the bedroom door handles are priceless gags that are easy to clean up, and usually are little aggravation. Practical jokes aside- I do caution any reader to be careful you dont play a joke that can either backfire on you or worse- make the inteneded upset because they are superstitious....

I even considered replacing the sprayer on my kitchen faucet just so I could rubberband it in the on position- a worthy visual treat if you have never done this before. If you try it, dont forget its there, of you will end up the victim of your own device! And try to get it on film, its hysterical a few years after your victim has cooled off....( sorry dad)

I know people who take this very seriously, and dont even work on Fri 13, incidentally they do not drive when there is bad weather forcast either- and never leave the house becasue the sky could be falling.....

So have fun with this crazy day and get ready for April 1st. and look out! Your family prankster could be lurking around the corner!


  1. Yeah! I must say, I love your black kitty, she is so cute! And I will definitely be doing the sprayer gag to the ol hubby, hahaha watch out!

  2. Omg - your dad was SOOOO mad! lol every year we get the kids telling them that Buffy had puppies! and they fall for it EVERY Year! :)
    This year may be a little different though - as she may actually BE pregnant........hahaha