Friday, March 20, 2009


So I was doing a little "Spring Cleaning" when I ran across these plates i purchased last year this time, at a charity auction. i really do not know a lot about old dishes, , but what I do know is to look for a mark on the back which typically indicates their origin.....These are a set of four, dating in order from 1977-1980, and are made by "Royal Copenhagen" in "Denmark" They each have a title, and are in great shape. So what the heck do I do with them? Do I have them appraised, and try to sell them? Or should I work them into my new kitchen plan? Im just not sure, so I thought if anyone reads this, they could check them out and throw me a suggestion.

I started out with the plates to make a point I almost forgot to make- but let me back up a bit. Every year we drive to Holmes COunty Ohio, where the heart of the largest Amish community resides. It is a fabulous place to visit when you need a break. You can shop, eat- ( oh can youeat), or just drive around in your car and take it all in. Having been there enough , we drive around a lot- backroads, dirt roads. No cell service, no interuptions. Just you, your spouse, the kids and God, in an awesome landscape no matter what time of year. Having an appreciation for different cultures is one thing, but standing and being in awe is a whole other story. I love the Amish and everything they stand for.
I collect the little "words" as my family calls them. Little plaques of one or two simple words that have a great deal of meaning. My favorite one is "simplicity" Thaat is what the Amish provide for me. A lesson in simplicity. No electric, no cars, no video games no complexcity . Just God and nature, recycling at its greatest, and enough love to share with your neighbors. Everytime we return from a trip there, I come back wanting to simplify things. Not everyone in my house likes it, but they know it is for good reason. Like those silly plates. I only bought them because I was trying to "drive up the bid" for the charity. lol Now I have been dusting them for a year. If you are interested in a trip to see the quiet life of the Amish, I highly recommend it. The reality of simplicity can bring you peace and joy and an understanding for things you never understood before. And isn't that just beautiful?

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