Monday, May 11, 2015

When your to do list just isnt getting it done

no time for punctuation today. no time for capitals, making sure things are spelled correctly, checking for run on sentences. no time. no time. no time. no time for fancy fonts, picture editing or details.

the to do list is too long, the day is too short and my mind is too full. Jesus take the wheel, i feel like the white rabbit.

when i wake in the morning and the first thing i do is start adding things to a page long list, i know i am in trouble. i skipped over morning prayer and straight into walk the dogs, feed the cats, make the coffee mode.  i am already sorry for that.

i got in a hurry, stubbed my toe, forgot to put soap in the washer, left out my work clothes and knocked over a basket of beads. hmmmph. really. then i promptly went downstairs where i missed the bottom step and landed on my tailbone, and yelled a word i havent heard myself yell for a very long time.

ok so, lets call for a do over. this is what happens when we forget to put things in the right order. multitasking is not always a great idea. tomorrows list looks roughly like this;

rest of to do list.

i can learn from my mistakes, and i will not be doing this again. when we fail to put Jesus first, we set ourselves up for rough passage. slow down He says. take a breath, He says.

when did i stop listening to the sweet whispers of my savior who only wants what only i can give Him- me?

that laundry isnt going to fold itself, especially if someone takes it out of the dryer to wear it first. there are only a few dishes, only a couple of floors and only a few moments of time sucked up to complete these tasks. however, on paper it creates an ominous list and our nature is to complete it at any cost.  anything can be put off until tomorrow, but spending time with the Lord cannot ever be put off. if Jesus returns tonight, that to do list will waste away with the rest of it- however, i will be reponsible for not having time with Him on my paper, and that is something i am not willing to live with.

praying your to do list is better than mine today.

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  1. Putting it into perspective! It is easy for the list to take over the love. Take a deep breath and start right where you are. #fortheloveofdoovers