Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mothers Day

I already know what you are thinking- who wants to read another smooshy post about mothers day....well- let me assure you- there is nothing smooshy about this. 

Mothers day is a "holiday" that I don't really get. Ok, so, I understand honoring our mothers, and I understand the idea of her having a "day off", but in reality? I never get a day off, and I am ok with that. Let me paint you a picture:

My adult children call me regularly, and  on occasion I get impromptu gifts and visits just because. My teenagers tell me thank you, love you and the occassional appreciative gesture and it satisfies me.  All four of our children are very different, and all four of them are very special to me for different reasons. They are all my favorites.  Grace is my favorite girl, (only girl), Maxx is my favorite musician, MT is my favorite car guy and M-1 is my favorite daddy. Their roles change, and so do the reasons why they are my favorites. There is nothing my children could do to make me walk away from them. Including not calling on Mothers day.


That being said, I tend to think Mothers day is everyday- and if you want your momma to feel loved then you love her. You do not have to always agree, always be together or always understand each other- that is part of it. You take each other at face value, you help pick up the pieces when they fall apart and you stay in her corner. There are always going to be situations where you are disappointed as a momma or a child- we are humans, it happens. The redeeming value is that Jesus provides a way for us to all be redeemed- through Him, so we can mess up soemtimes.

 I feel like Mothers day causes so much pain and anguish for those who don't have their momma, or their child. It is so commercial it drives me crazy. I am very careful to tell my girls Happy Mothers Day, but I am also very intentional about honoring their motherhood every other day of the year. We are mommas always. We are daughters always. Jesus blesses us everyday with the gifts of those relationships and experiences, so why don't we focus on them other days too? 

I love the idea of having a day set aside- but I feel like it is better reserved for my birthday, and I feel like that for others too. I want the women in my life to know that they mean more to me than an expensive card and a bunch of flowers that will wither away to nothing, purchased and gifted one time a year to offset the other 364 days. 

Sounds ridiculous when you look at it that way, doesn't it?

To the mommas out there I say happy everyday to you. Because you rock, and I know it. 

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