Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Where are all the women?

For those of you involved in any level of womens ministry, do you ever ask the question, "Where the heck is everyone?" 

 I ask it all the time.

 I see a giant crevasse in the church I belong to and the crack runs right along the lines of age. I am not sure if our program only appeals to the older women, but it certainly does not draw the younger ones, and I am frustrated.

As the person doing the organizing right now, I feel really responsible to provide something that women can really hold onto, and for the past two years have been fighting for results. I do not want anyone coming because they are obligated to me; on the contrary , I want them coming because they are obligated to Jesus. Therein lies the problem. Maybe I haven't made clear the goals of womens ministry. Maybe I am being tolerated because some people do not think womens ministry is important. Maybe I am being tolerated because I am me, and some do not think I am capable to lead such a thing. I am just not sure .

What I am sure of is this- each month a handful of us get together to plan, implement and for the most part pay for the activity we have planned. On the day of said activity, not one of the younger women will even make eye contact with me. SAY WHAT?  Did I do something wrong? Is there something on my teeth? Do I have coffee breath? (always- get over it)

We not only are very careful with the amount of time we spend, but we schedule around certain care groups of certain ages so they have availability. We schedule around youth group. We schedule around scheduling around. Its become a thing.

I have been praying for a solution. Maybe change the name was suggested. Maybe plan something with a younger theme was suggested. Maybe leave and go to another church was also suggested. It is no wonder women in ministry give up so quickly.

Jesus kept walking. He kept talking to the homeless, adulterous, gambling lepers. He kept offering himself to each person, no matter what their political affiliation, no matter their status. He gave them a chance to be involved in ministry, gave them a chance for eternal redemption and gave them a chance for complete healing. He gave the opportunity.

What I want is for the women to have opportunity to fellowship, to grow, to pray, to hurt, to love, to laugh and to do it together. What I want is for the women of our church to be one unit, to seek Jesus, to seek out His way.  Maybe I am the only one who wants such a thing. Maybe its a pipe dream of mine, to have unity and fellowship among different ages. 
Maybe the annual retreat is enough for them, but I can never get enough fellowship and Jesus time with the girls. 

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  1. Nice. I have always thought that when I was active at JUMC. Thanks for sharing.