Friday, December 10, 2010

Finally Friday

Regardless of what I have- or have not- gotten finished this week, Friday is always welcome in this house. Who can resist the temptation of dreaming about sleeping in on Saturday? I know I will not be sleeping in this week, but I will be getting things done, and I cannot use the excuse that I have to work in the office- the office is closed.
My plans include writing an English Paper, going to the library, picking up awards for a Court of Honor at Scouts on Monday, and putting the freshly painted bathroom back together. I'd also like to get busy on some neglected sewing projects and attend my nieces birthday..she is 5.
While I am planning all of these things, I make sure to stop and pray for a few people I know are in need of comfort, and to read Proverbs 31. I am making it a personal goal to read it every day until I feel I can stop- which will be never!
I really have found something that I can turn to when I feel lost- and I never realized how easy this could be. I know life throws me curve balls- I get them all the time- its how I deal with them that is the key!
So, I leave you to think on this- if you have a plan this weekend, does it include reading scripture and spending time in prayer? Should it?

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