Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ohhh its time for yet another WFMW post!

I have a NEED and a GREAT IDEA.

Lets get the need outta the way...
I need a homemade, inexpensive way to store cds and dvds ...I dont care really if its visible or not- I just need something that is functional and i can hang on the wall?!?!

As for my contribution today, its all about tablecloths...:)

I saw this on an episode of some show I was watching, and I tweaked it to make it work here....

I buy tablecloths on clearance, all the time...I change them everyday. LOVE THEM

What I hate is when someone gets caught on one or the dog tries to pull it off the table. So, I take the time to put either a sticky Velcro piece or a buttonhole on the four corners of the square ones ( my table is oval)

I then have a strip of Velcro and a piece of fabric with a button sewed to it attached to the underside of my table.

When I change the tablecloth, I simply use whichever attachment is on the table cloth to keep it from sliding or getting pulled off.

It works like a dream, esp on the picnic table outside where the wind blows...
I have both on each table, except the glass outdoor tables, where I can only use the velcro.

This trick has worked for me for ages, and I hope you can use it to work for you too!

ps- at Christmas time, I use this trick to decorate my tabletops like a gift...LOL

CHEESY I know, but I like the way it looks and we are decorated and still use the table!

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  1. Pretty cool trick.

    PS: You may want to spell-check this post.