Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Lunches

So good morning everyone!
I just wanted to ask a few questions....
I know some of you are home schooling moms, and I can appreciate that so much more now that I am one too!

My questions concern school lunches and solutions...

I know what my kids likes and dislikes are....I know who likes tuna, and who doesn't, I have a yogurt eater and a cheese stick eater...I have a junk food junkie too...:)
( incidentally she gets it from me....)

My biggest two dilemmas are time and money- of course.
Our school lunches are HORRIBLE .....tiny and frozen, so the school decided they would switch companies and go another route...the kids say they are better, but I am not convinced. I know somewhere out there , there is a mom who has developed a plan to overcome school lunch trauma and get her kids into the habit of eating the good stuff on a regular basis- she just isn't me....:)

I'm looking for a few simple tricks that are cost effective to use in packing our lunches...

My boys are 10 and 11, daughter in High School.....so they need good stuff that is portable...I'm just out of ideas...:)

And I need to keep my sanity...

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions....

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  1. Hmmm...for that age I'm not sure. When they are young it's easy...I do things like small portions of stuff...and veggies w/ ranch dressing, etc...make it fun. At that age I don't know though. There are books on amazon about school lunches though!