Friday, August 14, 2009


So I have finally joined the rest of you in the faster more reliable virtual world.....Thanks to a huge satellite dish and $124 bucks...Im able to post away....

So Im hopin if you dont already, that you will join me for a Virtual GIrls Night Out over at Ann's...
"Dear Diary"

To play "Dear Diary" fill-in the blanks using the chart below. Now, this game will hint at your age. Get ready!

Dear Diary,

My best friend (a)________ and I went shopping for (b)________. We wanted to show them off when we went to hang out at the (c)___________. You won't BELIEVE who we saw at the mall. (d)____________! We screamed so loud they had to call Security. It was the best day ever!

Now, fill-in the blanks with the time-table of the year you entered High School.

Entered High School:
1975-1979 (a) Donna
1980-1983 (a) Tiffany
1984-1988 (a) Claire
1989-1993 (a) Jennifer
1994-1996 (a) Alanis

Entered High School:
1975-1979 (b) Bell Bottoms
1980-1983 (b) Argyle Sweater
1984-1988 (b) Neon Leggings
1989-1993 (b) Black Rubber Bracelets
1994-1996 (b) $200 Ripped Jeans

Entered High School:
1975-1979 (c) Roller Rink
1980-1983 (c) Arcade
1984-1988 (c) Food Court
1989-1993 (c) Multi-Plex
1994-1996 (c) Skate Park

Entered High School:
1975-1979 (d) John Travolta
1980-1983 (d) Mel Gibson
1984-1988 (d) Tom Cruise
1989-1993 (d) Brad Pitt
1994-1996 (d) Keanu Reeves

Here is her game of the night.

.Dear Diary,

My best friend (a)__claire and I went shopping for (b) neon leggings_. We wanted to show them off when we went to hang out at the (c)__food court___. You won't BELIEVE who we saw at the mall. (d)__Tom Cruise___! We screamed so loud they had to call Security. It was the best day ever!

LOL I had neon leggings- now my daughter has them!.....

Where the drinks are free (virtually) and the love is in ABUNDANCE...

I started this day by looking at some pics of my baby- Tinkerbell- for those of you who do not know- I lost her on Tues and it has been a very very long week...:(

Then today I found some pics ...
She was definately the love of my life, where pets are concerned, and even though my heart is still so sore, and I can barely breath thinking about it, I am glad to be able to share her with all the photos I have.

So I join VGNO with the need for some fun and a cheering up- because that is exactly what you all do for me!

I also have a song in my head- again...lets see....

listen here
for a great VGNO song....

I am picking up a party pail for drinks tonight- no muss no fuss...just add the alcohol and freeze it up.....Yummmmy Rum RUnner...

So far this week, there has been a bat in our house, at 5 am, a parakeet loose- (today) and our puppie has died. I think I need a real GNO! So, tonight at the Football PEP RALLY...I will be joining all the moms of the 1-6 graders to play a little "foozeball" myself... go to the link and laugh your butt off.... HOPEFULLY i WILL HAVE PICS OF THE GAME..IF I SURVIVE..

So for VGNO, Im hoping you all have a lot of fun and get off your feet and relax a little.....


And i look forward to seeing al of you this weekend when I am able to blog hop around at all of your posts....


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Tinkerbell. What a sweetie. I hope you are doing ok...

  2. So sorry to learn about your loss. Pets are certainly a huge part of our families.

  3. Sorry to hear about your baby! :(

    Hey, we have the same story...My best friend Claire & I went shopping for neon leggings....and we saw Tom Cruise, oh ya!!

    Happy VGNO

  4. Awwwww! The pictures of Tinkerbell are adorable! I'm so sorry for your loss...I still miss our St. Bernard we had when I was growing up... ((HUGZ!!!)

  5. So sorry to hear about Tinkerbell. Thanks for sharing the pictures. She is adorable.
    Enjoy VGNO!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your pup. The pictures are just so sweet. I'm glad you showed us.

    Happy VGNO!

  7. I'm so sorry about your losing Tinkerbell. It's always difficult to lose someone you love! I hope she's in doggie heaven right now having a good old time. Great photos--thanks for sharing those. AND...what a crazy week of flying creatures for you, first the bat and then the bird...that's got to be a sign of something, right? LOL Happy VGNO and congrats on your new satellite dish--may it bring you many hours of blogging bliss.

  8. Sorry to hear about your puppy :( Happy VGNO!

  9. Awww.... sorry about your baby. Boy, we sure get attached don't we. I still miss Skye, my husky/malamute. She was my buddy.

    Thanks for the song. Love me some Sara Evans.

    Happy VGNO

  10. Big hugs my friend, I am so very sorry about Tink, she was such a sweetie and a good (slobbery) girl =) I love her puppy pics, remind me of Duke's little fluffball puppy pics. Can't wait to hear about the pep rally, wish I could have gone!! Happy VGNO

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Tinkerbelle such a beauty!