Tuesday, August 25, 2009

check this out!!!!!

This GIVEAWAY i s totally AWESOME!!!! ( thank you Kristin)

I went onto the website for Serendipity Soapworks....
And it is awesome!

These people are following thier American Dream, searching for their own way to make their life how they want it, so I am in full support!

Plus, it is affordable and, did I mention the scents sound too good to be true?

I ordered RUM SOAP!!!!!! How cool is that?

Go see them ...its going to be a bathtime fizzy Christmas around here!!!!!


  1. Angelina--be sure you make a separate comment for each entry--like this one...you blogged about it so make sure you leave 5 comments that say you blogged about it, etc. (do that for each thing you do) I want you to get all your entries in girl! Also--let her know you came from my giveaway so that I can verify with her ok? Thanks!!

  2. I did not see the rum soap but the coffee soap is intriguing. Love the prices. What great things to get to throw in the gift basket for teachers at Christmas time. I think I need to order a few of those bath bombs too!

  3. oh, i ordered 3 things from them! Fizzy Christmas here too!