Wednesday, July 22, 2009


For my WFMW post this week, i wanted to share a couple things i learned this week....

And I hope they bless your household too!

First off, when you find yourself in DEBT up to your EARS there is a way to track your spending and make it CLEAR to your ENTIRE household where the money goes.
I am making a poster to hang on a wall, where everyone will see it everyday, (not open to all guests).....Every single reciept, every check, every penny spent in this house will be recorded- I dont care if it is the change from the ashtray in the car, or my sons hard earned summer job money. We are tracking it all, to see where we can learn to save.
When I was younger, no one ever taught me about money- how to use it, not to use it save it , debt, nothing...and I think its cause no one ever taught my parents, or their parents. My grandparents survived the great depression, and my grandmother seemed to be afraid of her money my whole life.....always worried about not having enough. We just seem to "charge" everything.......

We buy things we do not need and we arent nearly as frugal as we ought to be. I know God blesses us through our finances- but are we returning the favor by being prepared? Are we really doing ok? Im voting a big fat NO on that one.....Im tired of stressing about money. So Im not. Instead Im teaching everyone in my household a huge lesson....I HOPE... :)

So Im starting a new challenge- I want to see if any of you will join us in posting your financials in your household- even if you are the only one there......I think having it stare us in the face will be a good start!!

There will soon be a link to join us and check in once a week... just to say how its going, and if you have any tips......Im new too, so any help at all will be welcomed! There will be rules etc....just to keep us all sane, but you can share as much or little as you want. I will be sharing quite a bit..because i am frustrated! :)

Secondly- Im joining the league of homeschoolers by enrolling my 16 year old son into a virtual academy for the next year......I have had enough of the school he has been in...its awful to think he will be seperated from his siblings, but I found one that works for our schedule, and i have the support of many professionals to help us along the way- Im hoping this really does work for us!

And I know I will have the support of all of you!

As a side note- I am soo thankful for all of my blogging friends.....I appreciate all of your tips and all of your stories...sometimes a girls just needs to laugh! And to know when she's laughing at herself there are others laughing with her- not at her.......:)

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