Wednesday, July 29, 2009

farm life...i love it!!

I have to admit- I love living in the country where the dew falls as heavy as rain and the bean field is soo quiet, swaying in the breeze.....
My little chickies- not so little anymore getting ready to lay thier first eggs, as they fight over a spot on the roost each evening..
My little turkey - his name is Cajun cause thats what Im dreaming he will be one day soon.. a cajun roast turkey....,mmmmmmm!
This is an unwanted visitor to our barn, He along with several of his family memberes have been removed- to say the least- my least fav part of farm life....

This is my little dainty pretty puppy Tinkerbell. She is soooo still a puppy- she weighs almost as much as I do- but she is a puppy just the same. And a pretty good guard dog- no on likes for her to get too close- she is all drooly.....

Very funny.
Love it when people overstay their visit...really...I just let her run in the house and they "have to go"

I really do love our farm life- we have learned so much about each other and ourselves.

And now as I write this I wonder if it will ever stop storming....


  1. Oh so THAT'S why you let Tink in when I came over the other day...I see how it is... lol! ;-) You need to post before and after pics of Stripe, he is such a cutie!

  2. Is that an oppossum? They have really nice fur for softening up wool yarn. :)