Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So I am trying to remember when I started driving how much gas was? I took this pic at the COSI museum...It was food for thought. .25 per gallon sounds great to me!

This is my "baby" - Mike- he is an amazing archer! Lat year at Boy Scout camp- he held the record- the entire summer- for his archery score! This year I think he will be running a range for the younger Cubs.....He should- he is great at this. He shoots rifles like this too....I will be posting a sequence of pics of his archery skills soon- its amazing to me that a child who is so mouthy- lol- can be so quiet and content to focus and do this......he is AWESOME!!!

This is a pic my son Mackenzie took- he is an aspiring photographer- as long as it is on the subject of animals or the inside of his mouth- for whatever reason. He calls this our "jungle cat" She is actually in our backyard- he just had to lay on his belly to take it.

This is Lady- guardian of baby chicks extrordinaire....she lays here all day by their side, watching them and whimpering. She does this with kittens too!

This is TInkerbell, my puppy! No really, she is only 16b months old- she just weighs 145lbs and thank God doesnt jump on anobody! She is a full blooded St Bernard and aindeed a gentle giant. She is soo good, and yes both dogs live in the house- they think they are people so.......If im not mistaken- I think she posed for this picture.....

I just wanted to share some randomness with you and give you a sneak peek into our lives, here on the farm.........

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