Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Garden, My Place...

birdbath with tall zebra and maiden grass during summer


pretty zebra grass

are these black eyed susans? who knows !
but I love them!

These are my fabulous and successful ladybugs....There are millions of them- I ordered them from a company that deals in family and pet safe garden supplies- I think they are all organic, and they ship according to the season so you get your stuff when it is time for best results.....Nice cause they let you know when its coming, and they are always sending $25 off coupons- its cost effective and very good quality stuff....!!

Check them out!!!

So this is my birdbath in my garden- it is very old and I keep repairing it- the birds like it because there is tall zebra grass growing all around, and it is hidden from the cats....who love to eat birds- and often bring them to me....EEWW

I also have various perrenials and annuals in my garden- they are just in what I like to call- " spring mode" right now- still waking up and still trying to find out where to grow this year.....

Love my lavendar, creeping phlox, blackeyed susans and I have a tiny eensy weensy japanese maple that has survived a weedeater attack, skunk spray and everything winter has to offer. Its sooo little, and cute, and tough. So Im thinking I will be keeping it around for a bit. As my garden grow and evolve I will be posting more pics to share, because I love them!


  1. Beautiful garden. I love that you use ladybugs as pest control!

  2. Don't you just love gardening?!

  3. I am coming over to steal some of your ladybugs! =)