Friday, February 27, 2009


So this morning I jump out of bed ( yeah right) and I realize today I am 35. YIKES was the first thing I was thinking. After a normal morning of getting the kids off to school and coming home to settle in my new home office, I see a book with a post-it on my desk. Whats this? but a gift from my husband. A gift we cannot afford, with a note that tells me not to worry and he hopes I have a great day. Through my tears I open the the book that no one could find at Christmas. To be perfectly honest, I can't even remember he remembered I wanted it. I am so flustered at this point I can't remember why I sat down at my desk in the first place. I was, and still am- so overwhelmed with the thought of love that came with this simple gift. In all of the chaos- and it is chaotic- he remembered one simple thing that put a smile on my face at the end of a very rough month. I have seen things in my life that I wish I could forget - but I have a feeling what is happening to our future is going to be worse than anything I have experienced so far, and knowing that God put this man by my side gives me hope. He isn't perfect, but he is everything I want in a husband. And even when I don't notice- he is thinking of me always, which means more than a book ever will.. So thanks honey- for making my 35th birthday not so crappy. I Love You!


  1. Aww yay! Happy Birthday again =) I like this background, it was one that I had tried out at one point. Looks great!

  2. Happy birthday! 35!!!!???? Just a baby! You've got nothing but a bright future ahead!