Monday, June 22, 2015

Dear Church Ladies....with article

A couple weeks ago, I contributed to this website with a letter to the ladies of the church....I love womens ministry...and I really feel the need for it more and more. Follow the link HERE I hope you enjoy my letter and understand I really mean it with all my heart.

Dear Ladies in Church,

I often wonder what it would be like if we all saw ourselves as equals, like Jesus did. I dream of a day when Women’s Ministry is a priority for all of us, fellowshipping with one another and praying together. I have a picture in my mind’s eye of a room full of women of all ages, worshipping and loving, just like we are supposed to do. I see an empty seat and worry about where YOU are tonight. Are you spending this evening alone? Are you so wrapped up in television, socializing or working that there is no time for your church family? Are you hurting, feeling lonely and afraid? Is there something we need to know, something we can help you through? I miss you on an evening so full of fun and grace. I really wanted to share my story with you, and to hear your story. I want to know your triumphs as well as your tragedies. I want to hold your hand when you need it, and lean on your shoulder when I need to.
Forgive me for questioning your motives; I just do not understand the great divide that has become between us as women. The most valuable things I have ever learned, I learned from the generation that is older than I am. There is so much to be shared, learned and loved when we gather as one. We have the power to influence our families, our church bodies and our communities. When we stand united through Christ, we can make such a difference in so many ways, and it starts right here, in our own churches. As women in the body of Christ, we all read the Bible, we worship together in our home churches, and we pray to the same Living God. We drop our kids off at Sunday school, and we hear the message each week, yet we are all so very much divided. I think upon further investigation, we will find we have more in common than we are willing to admit.
I am still praying for the day when all of our physical, political and societal differences can be put aside, so we can spend some quality girl-time together. I would love to drink coffee with you, splurge on chocolate cake and cry over our heartaches. I would love to be a witness to the great testimony of friendship and grace that only Christ can bring into a relationship like ours could be. I would love to walk into any church and know that I am accepted because I belong to Jesus, our most important common thread.
I will close this letter with this- I am missing the fellowship of women who laugh, love and live as fiercely as I do. I see them every week, as you do, and then they are gone until the next service starts. I feel as though I am missing something, and it’s something I have only had a brief taste of. Christian friendships among women are important, and fellowship and unity are part of that. I don’t want to be a part of a small clique; I want to be part of the women at my church. Most of all, I want you to be a part of your church too.

Angie Dailey

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