Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Living in the BUBBLE

To ignite true change, you have to ignite something different, something fierce, something that makes you want to get up in the morning and be - different. Over the past few years I have been lighting these fires within myself, and putting them out as well. I have been reading lots of things that encourage me to slow down while listening to God speak to my heart, my soul. I have been taking things "Off the Beam" (#forthelove), putting my best "YES" forward (Lysa Terkuerst), and indescribably changing the people I am around, the things I participate in and the parts of the world in which I participate. 

I feel like God has so much more for me than I have settled for. Learning to speak the truth to Him, and learning to listen to Him have been the hard parts. I always question the little things, because I feel like I need perfect clarity. The problem isn't I need better clarity, the problem is I need to pay attention. I need to learn to recognize that still small voice that tells me to move forward, or to not move at all. I need to learn that listening is part of obedience, and obedience is the most important factor right now in my walk with Christ. 

My hubs and I are focusing on being in tune with scripture, with God and with whatever He has in store for us. We understand what it means to make the tough decisions. We know how hard it is to parent kids who live at home, and those who are now adults. We sympathize with anguish over relationships with family, friends and other Christians. We know about financial hardship, about sacrificially living and about serving when sometimes you have nothing left of yourself to give. 

Our Goal is to connect with others who also live in a world where nothing makes sense, and sometimes faith is all you have to look to in the morning. We love our porch, our small farm, our house, and our chickens. We love our family, our children, our grandchildren, and our friends. We know that in loving them, they have to get the best of us, regardless of the way we feel about their lifestyles, decisions and moments. 

We are tired of living in the "bubble". It is simply exhausting.

Things happen. Sometimes not great things. Sometimes the things that happen are crappy, and sometimes they are downright unnerving. Some things that happen are amazing and should be celebrated. But a lot of the things that happen to us we keep hidden, somewhere deep inside, and we put on this "bubble" to protect ourselves from the judgement and conversation of others. I see this a lot at church, where everyone is expected to be on their "best" behavior. Where  "bad things" cannot be discussed- instead they are brushed off, ignored, left swept under the rug. Where people ask you how you are, as they rush past, not really wanting to know the answer. 

Why do we do this to ourselves, and other Christians? Why bother asking if you are just going to keep walking? What is wrong with the truth, anyway?  Have we become so afraid to be like Jesus that we cannot even stop and listen when we are the ones prompting this conversation in the first place? Are we afraid we might have an obligation to be- helpful?  Why take the time to pretend, when all we want is the closest exit door?  

I know there are personal things. I know there are burdens some have to shoulder on their own. But I also know we serve a risen Saviour who wants us to be like Him. He wants us to pray with one another, hurt for one another, cry and laugh with one another. Instead we are standing in fear of the truths of someone elses life, and with fear, sometimes we stand in judgement.  Are the things we fear coming from someone else actually our own fears we don't know how to deal with? 

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is reading this- we need a dialogue about the real stuff we have to deal with everyday. The life changing, heart wrenching stuff- the things that change us, crush us, and things that compel us to move forward in our lives each day. We want to celebrate with you, all of those little achievements, all of those victories, and all of those smiles. I am not sure why we are so afraid to just release some of the things we need to be talking about. What I do know is there is a sweet release when you can let go of some of your fears when you find out you are not alone.

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  1. I wouldn't even know how to spell metamorphosis…well done embracing it!