Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Greed.

I love to save money.
I even started a new venture for myself- extreme couponing...(more on that one later)
I love "black friday" sales, shopping with my hubby for that one thing we can save loads of money on , one time a year. It used to be  Barbie doll, or a special video game. One year it was a television for the family, another year it was a microwave for the kitchen. We bought a projector, boots, toys and coats one year.  Once we purchased all of the toys on a list of our friends- for her kids. 
We just don't stray from the craziness of "black friday" shopping. Coffee, breakfast, lunch and exhaustion. Fun with friends, family and strangers. Witnessing the best, and worst of people looking for a good deal.

Lets touch on that worst for a second. Retail stores opening on Thanksgiving day is absurd. It is the epitome of greediness and makes me throw up a little. I mean seriously.
Forgive me for being so blunt, but really? Wasn't the entire point of this holiday to celebrate the thankfulness of this great country we call America? Isn't it supposed to be about sharing a meal, a day, a moment of thankfulness with those we cherish most?  

Not this year. 

This year, almost every single dinner table will have a missing link. There will be a person who works for a greedy, over indulgent company that just can't wait 12 more hours for their "black" to begin. (in case you don't already know, the point in black Friday is the turn around from the years loss for businesses from being in the "red") I am almost certain those people will not be cheerful and happy, serving customers who are pushed into a corner to get "the best deal". After all, if this is when the "best" deals are offered, what choice does it leave the frugal consumer? Isn't that the reason why so many people shop at 4am on "black Friday"? 

Its a trap. 

A retail trap to get your money faster, earlier, easier. Its a nightmare. The one day set aside to celebrate the greatness of being thankful for the many things we have been given by our Father, and there are people who are going to support consumerism and go shopping instead. Family? out the window. Friends? Thrown under the proverbial bus for a few extra hours for fools and their money to be parted. 

It is a ridiculous notion to think that this concept is ok. I work a retail job, in a seasonal sense. I know how hard it is to schedule around the request offs of each employee, and to manage such a busy season. Between the demands of a retail store and the demands of a family, did one of these companies even consider the effects on an individual and their family? Did one of these companies even think for a moment of the hard work these people do on a daily basis, sometimes in not so great conditions, for the profit of the company? Juggling a retail schedule is no piece of cake. And asking your family to have Thanksgiving dinner without you is ridiculous.

Tradition is a big deal in a lot of families. In our family, the tradition of Thanksgiving comes before the tradition of scrambling to save some money on "black Friday".  Not only on the calendar, but as a choice. 

I refuse to work on this very important holiday. I made it known to my boss and she didn't ask me to, even though our store opens at 8pm Thanksgiving Day. I just do not believe at the end of the "holiday season" that the stores will see a huge increase over one day of shopping. Their best shot at an increase is to have a good relationship with their consumers, and by being family friendly and understanding the importance of both.

If you are working on Thanksgiving, I am sorry. You will not see me there, I promise. If it were up to me, we would all be doing our "Thanksgiving thing", whatever that means to each of us as individuals and families. And this does not mean working for corporate America or otherwise.

Praying for those missing out on Thanksgiving Day.

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