Friday, September 11, 2009


WOW the sky is blue today......
And tomorrow it will be as well...

Welcome to yet another VGNO-
where the cocktails flow anyway you like them, and the blogs are EXCEPTIONAL!

I am so excited about this little heart shaped rock traveling all around!

I will check my mailbox everyday with anticipation....Going to be fun to see where it gets to go!
my hubby is the one on the left- if it were the one in the middle i wouldnt ever worry about our electric bill! :)
This weekend is very special for us, as it is our 17th wedding anniversary!
We aren't very organized this year- its 320 and we still don't have a plan yet....LOL

We like Amish Country- Ohio has the largest Amish settlement in the world..and they have the BEST shopping, food, and QUIET TIME you can ever find :)
And we like to camp, but we have been a little under the weather...
Truth is, we dont care, as long as we have some quiet time with each other. No cell phones no kids no drama.

And did I mention I love the love of my life with all of my heart? And I cannot wait for him to come home from work so we can go!

So after 17 years, what are my words of wisdom?
*dont fight about money- it doesnt create any extra...
*dont go to bed angry
*If you accidentally fall asleep angry, have good make up time
( i will leave that to your imagination)
* do not ever takes sides where children are involved
*pray everyday for one another
* lock your spouses debit card in a drawer ( ha ha long story)
* be affectionate in front of your kids- they need to know love
*know the difference between a kiss and a peck

I have more but I need to pack I think?!

This week I helped my daughter Morgan start a blog. It concerns a challenge dear to her heart, and I am hoping all of you will visit! She needs encouragement with her task, so please leave her a comment!

I appreciate it so much!
You can link to her HERE
She is an awesome girl with a huge heart!

I am trying to grow my blog as well, and if any of you have any suggestions you havent already sent me, please feel free.
( i know use spell check) :)

Have a great VGNO and Im hoping to have some FANTASTIC PICS of our weekend for you next time!


  1. I think the VGNO is a great way to grow your blog! I've also joined a followers club on the Mom Bloggers Club's site, check that out too! Good Luck!

    Just stoppin' in from Ann's VGNO!

  2. Great post and Happy Anniversary!
    Happy VGNO and have a great weekend!

  3. Happy VGNO! I didn't know the largest Amish settlement was in Ohio. That's really interesting!

    Don't you just love the heart shaped rock game?

    I'll go visit your daughter's blog too!

  4. Left your daughter a comment - that's a lot of turkeys!
    Happy VGNO!
    I think she might have her address posted on her site... might not be something you want out there!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Some great advice there... :)

    I'll check out your daughter's post and leave a comment there, too - VGNO is a great place to grow your blog, as is Mom Blogger's Club. ;)

    Happy VGNO! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Like your advice. I'm headed over to visit your daughter now.

    Happy VGNO

  7. Just keep doing those link-ups wherever and whenever you can! Also the Mom Bloggers Club (I would think it still has it) has an "Under 100 Followers Club" and you follow and get followed...if that's what you'd like to do!

  8. Hope you're enjoying your Fall! I'm checking out everyone's blog that I have a button for on mine today. Have a great week!

    Come over & check out my blog, I was honored this week & I'm excited to share the news!