Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For my WFMW Post my son had a GREAT IDEA....

At least I think so

All those veggies and fruits you are waiting to can....just sitting around....waiting to be preserved or eaten or given away....
Some of them meet an untimely death in the back of your fridge, right?

There is a tomato you forgot about or a squash that you cant reach...or that extra bit of salsa that didnt fit into the last canning jar?


My 10 year old had a great idea, and I agree...

He put a cookie sheet on the bottom shelf of the fridge and stored everything on it. Then when he gets something out of there, it slides out and we can see everything .

Im sure this isnt news to most of you, but we are soo excited- I have saved helpless fruits and veggies all week from an untimely death.
Its borderline amazing...

Have a great day!

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