Friday, August 21, 2009


Its finally here...

For those of you who dont know, its time for a VIRTUAL GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!!

So Stop on over at
Ann's place
for a nite out- sorta....

Tonight I am reflecting on another very stressful week at home....
I managed to get a lot done, Like canning, and sewing, and finishing a few unfinished projects.... like this one.

I am breathing a sigh of starts in just 4 days....YIPPEEEEEE...

Dont get me wrong , I love being a mom, and I love staying home to work..cause I get to be a mom that way.
But something happens the second week of August that just defines my reality.
I want them.... to....go...... lol

Mr Mike will be sticking around, as his Virtual Academy is his new place for learning...

However, Princess Cell Phone is driving me NUTS.......
" i wanna go, can so n so come over....

Blah Blah Blah....

Then there is mr Funny pants....
always keeps us laughing- when he is not yelling at someone to
"leave me alone!"

Then there is Mr Whiny Pants...
very cute, very cuddly, very whiny.
Very 10.
Then of course there is my hubby- whom I think is tired of me being grumpy and of my insomnia...... He is losing his patience with me fast, so

I have picked more produce
this week than I care to admit....


This evening I will be drinking the usual grape smirnoff, and probably some carmel corn.....

Im also looking forward to a little lounging on the patio, with the mp3 on...loud so I cant hear anything else......

Just maybe I will get lucky and get locked out of the house to sleep there.....


ps...if you are ( or become) a follower of mine, I am giving away a Joyce Meyer Book this week....
leave me a comment that you would like to enter...
contest closes monday morn 9 am est.


  1. Happy VGNO! Sounds like you are ready for them to go back to school. I think Tara will be homeschooled too, I need to stop procrastinating - she DOES NOT want to go to school.

  2. Hi! Just visiting from Saving with Mamanordy.
    Hope you are having a great start to your weekend.
    Come by and visit me at


  3. Wow. You must have an amazing garden... Thanks for the Smirnoff ice :P

    Happy VGNO!

  4. Hang in there!!! Give the Smirnoff time to work : )

  5. I've never seen what all the hub-ub was about back to school b/c I've homeschooled until now....and now I get it. I love my kids but it's nice to have them out of the house sometimes!

  6. I would like to enter, I am following your blog :) Happy VGNO!

  7. Hey Angie! (I'm gonna call you that, hope you don't mind :-> )

    Grape Smirnoff and caramel corn?!? I'll be right over!!! We don't even HAVE grape Smirnoff. (I shall write my Congress-person tomorrow.)

    Keep breathing and smile. You love your family... and school starts in just 4 days :->

    Happy VGNO!

  8. Yay for school! I kind of miss getting my son up and ready for school.

    I love Joyce Meyers so, please, enter me.

  9. Hi there, I'm so glad we're not in the kids with cell phones stage yet, but I know it's coming....

    I'm a follower! Please enter me in your Joyce Meyers contest!

    Happy VGNO! Stopping by late again....