Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This WFMW post is amazing..

As some of you know, my friend and her children were involved in a very serious carr accident last week....Her sister has set up a blog to follow all the stpes of recovery, and to keep people posted during this long and painful time for both Jenny her daughters and her family.
I only hope that through prayer and all the virtues God has granted us, Jenny can find her way through the next few months, and that her faith is unfailing. Please visit often an dpray frequently we can change the world one prayer at a time!

This WFMW post is very dear to my heart because I have been praying for the Laird family pretty much non stop and its exausting! So here are some tips on praying for something that will help you to remember and to continuously pray....

!- set a reminder on your cell phone- you can pray in less than 30 seconds or for hours- you choose- just do it everyday...
2 pray while brushing teeth...
3-pray for 3 cycles of the snooze on your alarm- then you do not even get the chance to doze off!
4. pray while doing dishes
5- pray while driving- KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN :)
6- pray when gardening- I get a lot of gardening done, cause this is my favorite time and place to pray- I go to my real garden a lot- there for I pray a lot...I garden, therefore I pray?!?!

Thank you all so much for your support and thoughts.... I will get back on the blog wagon soon I promise...just working some stuff out.....

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  1. Great suggestions. Finding time during the day to talk to God is so important, but (for me) so often overlooked.