Friday, July 10, 2009

I need you to pray....

A family I know that is dear to my heart..........

My friend Jenny hit a car head on yesterday.........she had all 3 of her girls in the car....and they were trapped for some time........

There are numerous broken bones on Jenny- ribs, both legs femur, facial bones.....

Her girls are at a different hospital, and 2 of them seem to be of them has a cracked skull and bleeding on the brain.......

My friend and her family need everyone sprayers today, so please feel free to link this post to yours so everyone can see it.....

I am praying and fasting all day......

Please pray for the Lairds and the Creamers......

Thank you


  1. I just got this email from my church...PTL!!!!!


    God is so Good. Jenny and her girls are all going to be ok. Isabella came
    through emergency surgery last night about 10:00 and the Dr. said it was the
    best outcome possible. Her skull was badly fractured but did not puncture the
    brain and they were able to stop the bleeding. Aleacea and Sophia both had
    concussions, Sophia had a bad gash on her head, a small skull fracture, and
    two cracked bones around her eye. They expect all the girls to be fine. They
    are at Children's Hospital in Dayton and are watching them carefully. Jenny
    has many broken bones and will need surgery on her leg, but they are waiting
    until they are sure she is remaining stable -- may be a day or two before they
    fix the leg. She broke her left femur, right tibia, two ribs, several bones
    in her face (which will require plastic surgery later), her jawbone, her
    elbow, and possibly a couple more. Her liver and spleen were punctured and
    bleeding -- but they were able to stop the bleeding. She is in ICU at Miami
    Valley and is on a ventilator, but she is stable. She knew we were there and
    could respond to us. Praise the Lord that she and the girls are alive and
    will be ok. I know his hand saved them and I thank you all so much for your


  2. I just saw this on Ali's blog. What a devastating accident for Jenny and her girls. So glad to see the positive update for them. My thoughts and prayers are with them for a quick recovery.